Does mode have any inconvenience?

Mode has been proven to be good and beneficiation in one way or another. But one of the questions we might be asking ourselves is if mode has no any inconvenience at all. This is a question that we will try to answer in the following lines of our discussions.

Some of the inconveniences of mode

Yes, mode has some inconveniences. Just as it’s said that every good thing has its’ bad side, so is the case of mode. So just like any other factors, mode has some inconveniences. Firstly, whenever an accessory is in mode, the existing one is to be put aside.
For example, when a new dressing style is invented and it’s in mode, the users will forsake the former style. While forsaking the former style, the users will now opt for the new one. This factor makes users forget the old style that can be useful especially in the historical line.
Another inconvenience is the deformation of culture. As some will say, culture must be preserved and not to be lost. But mode, as good as it is, can provoke the loss of culture, dresses, cultural dance and other cultural values. Some people are against mode so as to preserve cultural values.
Apart from the inconveniences listed above; mode can also make us forget who we are. This might sound weird but it’s the fact. As we are enjoying the pleasures and privileges in the mode, we possibly can end up forgetting our real nature. This can provoke a total loss of humanity.

How to avoid the inconveniences that can possibly be caused by mode

Mode is very appreciative but the inconveniences provoked by this are not lovely. The good thing is that we can avoid them. To avoid these inconveniences, the first element is moderation. Moderation must be applied in our mode. The second thing is that we must preserve our humanity.
As we invent accessories that are in fashion, we must strive to keep cultural values in order to carry everyone along. And lastly, as we innovate things and accessories, let’s avoid any form of cultural deformation.